If you are looking for testimonials, you will be disappointed. There is nothing remarkable to show.
The creator and owner of this website (that’s me) has no alphabets before or after his name, no professional award or recognition, not awarded any professional ‘certificate’ to prove his worth, is/was not a member of any ‘drafting group’, expert committee or ‘task force’, never been a keynote speaker, a special invitee or a panellist at trade finance round-tables, a consultant or advisor to corporates, or an independent director.
The table is practically bare.
What you will find is just an ordinary commercial banker, with an uneventful track record, displaying a passion for learning, writing and sharing (among other things).
In addition, just a few books, about 60+ articles, one of the first commercial banks set up in the private sector (from nothing to launch) practically single handed, the sole creator of core banking system (also called “anywhere banking”) in and for India. That’s about it!

The name is Rupnarayan Bose. Welcome to my world.
(Home: https://rnbose.com/)

Was with the State Bank of India group for the major part of the commercial banking career. Later, after about six years with two leading NBFIs, returned to mainstream banking in 1998 as managing director of Fina Bank Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya and as the managing director of TransAfrica Bank Ltd., Kampala, Uganda.
Somewhere along the way, was instrumental in setting up – practically single-handed – Centurion Bank Ltd. from scratch. Also was the first to conceptualise and launch the ‘core banking system‘ (‘anywhere banking’) in India.

Presently, among other assignments, is associated with Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Calcutta campus as visiting faculty on international trade, is a member of the Board of Studies at Netaji Subhas Open University (Govt. of WB).

Books authored include An Introduction to Documentary Credits (Macmillan, ’06), Fundamentals of International Banking (Macmillan, ’07) and All About UCP 600 (Macmillan, ’08). The latest published work – A Complete Guide to Letters of Credit and the UCP is a part of the course curriculum at IIFT and several other educational institutions in India. A large number of articles have appeared in reputed journals published in India, China, Denmark, the USA, and in other parts of the world. Has delivering lecture since 1994 at various institutions in India and overseas (e.g. Kenya, Uganda, Cambodia, Ethiopia).

Present engagements include work with exporters, importers, and institutions to offer customised solutions on letters of credit and in the areas of risk management in international trade. Also engaged in core passions of training, lectures, authoring books and articles on UCP, documentary credits and international trade.
Three more books getting ready for being published are:
– Letters of credit: Theory and practice (ready, going to press soon)
– Beyond Trade Finance (a critical commentary on the rules of international trade) – (ready, going to press soon)
– Q & A, Case Studies on Documentary Credits and Trade Finance (WIP)

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