Letters of Credit: Theory and Practice (Pub: April 2020)

Letters of Credit: Theory and Practice explains in simple English all the important information you’ll ever need on letters of credit (LC). It is extensively researched, delving deep into the subject of international trade, presenting current issues and solutions related to LCs that the reader may not otherwise come across easily.
A gold mine of information on payment risk management, it’s the last word on documentary credits.

“This book is a great read for knowledge and practical information on letters of credit. It succinctly takes the reader through the concepts of risk management, explains the fundamentals of global trade finance issues, the dilemmas plaguing international sellers and buyers, and standardised ways for the buyer and the seller to secure goods and make payments, respectively. This is a must-read book for academicians, exporters, importers and bankers looking for complete, authentic information on international trade finance and global business.” [Dr. Deepankar Sinha, Professor; Head – Research Division, Kolkata Campus; Programme Director – Centre for Trade and Logistics (CFTL), Kolkata Campus, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT)]

Besides everything about LCs, it includes sections on bills for collection, demand guarantees, a chapter each on cargo insurance and Incoterms 2020.

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Fundamentals of International Banking 

It’s your key to the world of foreign exchange and international banking. From the basic to the very complex – all topics are very intelligibly written to serve as a reference material to many in the international banking and finance arena. It covers not just theory but also several examples in each aspect of banking and finance as the guide to solutions in the field. “Like in law, there are books on precedents, one can confidently say, here’s a book on some precedents of international banking”.
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All about UCP 600 

From UCP500 to UCP600 – what were the changes? What were the considerations facing the Drafting Group of the ICC? Why the changes were made? This books presents a detailed background of the changes and explains the articles of the UCP 600 in a structured manner.

This book is now being revised and updated. Kindly wait for the next edition.
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