A Complete Guide to Letters of Credit and the UCP

Without doubt, this is the most authoritative, the most complete book on letters of credit (LC). It contains gems from several sources – collated for your benefit. This book is the last word on the subject of documentary credits. As the saying goes, “If you find a better book on LCs, buy it!” Click here to know more. 

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Fundamentals of International Banking 

It’s your key to the world of foreign exchange and international banking. From the basic to the very complex – all topics are very intelligibly written to serve as a reference material to many in the international banking and finance arena. It covers not just theory but also several examples in each aspect of banking and finance as the guide to solutions in the field. “Like in law, there are books on precedents, one can confidently say, here’s a book on some precedents of international banking”. Click here to know more. 

All about UCP 600 

From UCP500 to UCP600 – what are the changes? What were the considerations facing the Drafting Group of the ICC? Why the changes were made? This books presents a detailed backgroundo f the changes and explains the articles of the UCP 600 in a structured manner. Click here to know more. 

An Introduction to Documentary Credits

It is a complete treatise on documentary credit operation – especially for the uninitiated. All related issues are discussed in a very lucid manner, primarily from the practical standpoint. Complex issues regarding LC operations are explained in a very simple language. Click here to know more.