• Fully devoted to Letter of Credit (LC), the UCP and related issues.
  • All Articles of the UCP analysed fully and interpreted clearly. Complex subjects explained with illustrations and examples in a very lucid manner;
  • Includes topics rarely discussed before, now presented from a unique perspective that could be of great interest to the readers;
  • A rich source of information, useful and practical hints for everyone involved directly or indirectly with LCs;
  • Of invaluable help to bankers, importers, exporters, international trading houses, finance directors, CFOs, BPO set-ups processing letters of credit and trade finance documents;
  • Useful to training institutes, faculty members, instructors, trainers and those appearing for examinations or interviews;
  • A handy reference for those using LCs in inland trade.

ISBN: 1403928703

Imprint: Macmillan India

This book has been revised EXTENSIVELY and the latest version can be found here.