If you want to know how the world of foreign exchange and international banking works, then look no further. This book answers all your questions. It begins with the evolution of the international finance scenario, moves on to the operational aspects and policy issues of international banking, foreign exchange and risk management, touching on the instruments of international finance, derivatives and documentary credits.

Nostro, Vostro, mirror accounts, transaction pricing and cost control, remittances, collections, treasury, dealing room operations and exchange rate mechanism have been discussed in detail and richly illustrated. Unique perspectives on all these subjects, certain practical tips and tricks of the trade add great value to the contents of the book.

Includes individual chapters on reconciliation of Nostro accounts, correspondent banking, swaps, forward contracts, futures and options, derivatives, LCs and trade finance; supplemented by a knowledge bank of definitions, short notes and introductions to matters of topical interest.

ISBN: 9781403931139

Imprint: Macmillan India

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