A Complete Guide to Letters of Credit and the UCP provides a rich source of information, guidance and suggestions for everyone dealing with letters of credit. Complex issues relating to LC operations are explained in a very lucid manner, reinforced by references to the UCP, ISBP, and the Opinion of the ICC Banking Commission. Separate chapters are devoted exclusively to methods of payment, management of risks in international trade, bills for collection, shipment terms (Incoterms 2010), marine insurance and the International Cargo Clauses.

This book is an essential, indispensable guide for bankers, importers, exporters, executives with international trading houses, as also the instructors, trainers and faculty members. Enriched with rare extracts and invaluable quotes from publications not easily available. Further, since the rules of the UCP are applicable to inland letters of credit, this book should also be a must read for persons dealing with domestic LCs.

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