Letters of Credit: Theory and Practice provides a rich source of information, guidance and suggestions for everyone dealing with letters of credit. Complex issues relating to LC operations are explained in a very lucid manner, reinforced by references to the UCP, ISBP, and the Opinion of the ICC Banking Commission. Separate chapters are devoted exclusively to methods of payment, management of risks in international trade, bills for collection, shipment terms (Incoterms 2020) and Marine Cargo Insurance.

This book is an essential, indispensable guide for bankers, importers, exporters, executives with international trading houses, as also the instructors, trainers and faculty members. Enriched with rare extracts and invaluable quotes from publications not easily available. Further, since the rules of the UCP are applicable to inland letters of credit, this book should also be a must read for persons dealing with domestic LCs.

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Highly recommend. (Kim Sindberg, Trade Finance Consultant at Sindberg Consult (3 June 2020); Member ICC Banking Commission, Paris.)

Excellent Book. (Manish Tekriwal, Project Control, Finance, Internal Control, (4 June 2020))

It’s (a) great book 👍 (Barry Rogers MCICM, ABFA, Owner ABLAdvisory.co.uk, United Kingdom)

Sir, your book is a Bible for anyone in the world of trade finance… simple … lucid… insightful … it’s my personal treasure. [Anwesha Das (CITF), Assistant Manager, State Bank of India, Calcutta (03 Sept 2020)]

Anwesha Das (CITF), Assistant Manager, State Bank of India, Calcutta (03 Sept 2020)

Congratulations for contributing so much to the need for understanding the functions of the banking industry. (Manubhai Patel, Senior Partner at Patel & Patel Advocates (3 June 2020))

Very useful publication and I commend all your hard work in compiling this. Recommended. (David Meynell, Managing Director, TradeLC Advisory. Chairman, ICC Banking Commission, Paris)

I find the book an easy read and surprisingly enjoyable. The contents reflect your long and extensive experience in trade finance and commercial banking, and I think you succeed in making the LC relatable to the man in the street. ….. I hope a future edition will give some space to electronic presentations and eUCP, which are missing in the current one. I have no regret spending the dollar(s), and I did learn some new things from the book. (Tat Yeen Yap, Erstwhile Head of Product Management Asia, Trade Finance at Société Générale, 3 June 2020)

Finally the much awaited book is out: the LC man from India our teacher and global guru in letter of credit related issues. Must buy must read. (Indranil Aich, Managing Partner at Aich Appraisers Auctioners and Valuers; Advisor MPCON)

Hi Sir, I bought the book nicely written. Great job. (Syed Murtuza  4:08 PM, 30-July-2020:)

My library got more richer! To continue my journey as scholar and TF professional I had to acquire the thoughts and teachings of a huge and respected name on this area Rupnarayan Bose. I’m still awaiting for the opportunity to get the new version, meanwhile i will use my vacations to read it the book received today. (Manuel Fernandes, Trade Finance Technician, 31-Aug-2020)

It’s actually surprising me the aspects of UCP I’m learning from your book. But very easy and friendly written.
The good thing is I thought I would learn only about LCs but the first pages give a great overview of Bills for collections and Guarantee. I took a lot of tips from there as well.
Extremely happy with the content and the way it’s written. I guess after this I will be ready to take some important ICC exams 😃 Certificates *
(Isaac Sapalalo, MSc 11 August 2020, Documentary Trade Finance Product Manager, Corporate & Investment Banking/Transactional Products & Services, Standard Bank, Angola.)

It’s a great read and complete guide on letters of credit. (Arun Oberoi, AVP – Trade Finance | CTFP, GTC – ICC Academy)

“This book is a great read for knowledge and practical information on letters of credit. It succinctly takes the reader through the concepts of risk management, explains the fundamentals of global trade finance issues, the dilemmas plaguing international sellers and buyers, and standardised ways for the buyer and the seller to secure goods and make payments, respectively. This is a must-read book for academicians, exporters, importers and bankers looking for complete, authentic information on international trade finance and global business.” [Dr. Deepankar Sinha, Professor; Head – Research Division, Programme Director, Centre for Trade and Logistics (CFTL), Kolkata Campus, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT)]

I feel, that this book is a “must read” for all stakeholders of International Business and young aspirants who want to engage in International Business. I appreciate the efforts and passion of Shri. Bose in bringing out an important aspect of international business in a book form to benefit the international business community at large. (Dr. K. Rangarajan, Professor and Head, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Kolkata Campus, India)

The book is taking me to more curious & keep reading until depth to it. It is so nicely elaborated every content and clauses of it. (sic) [Tanoj Rai, Trade Finance Specialist at Deshbandhu Group]

Libro muy completo de crédito documentario. También habla de otros medios de pago y garantías bancarias. (Very complete book of documentary credit. It also talks about other means of payment and bank guarantees.) [Lsanc (Amazon). Reviewed in Spain on 10 July 2020]

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