This book provides an exhaustive analysis of all the articles of UCP 600. It traces the evolution of the UCP and the process of its transformation from UCP 500 to UCP 600. It addresses the key issues that shaped the UCP. It also compares and contrasts the articles in UCP 600 with their counterparts in UCP 500, highlighting the changes introduced and their implications for the trade and industry.

  • Article by article analysis of the complete UCP 600.
  • Commentary on the key issues that shaped the UCP.
  • Overview of the review process undertaken by the ICC, including the debates, discussions, the considerations and the problems taken up and resolved by the ICC while giving final shape to the UCP.
  • Commentary on some of the contentious issues in the UCP and the ISBP.

This book, the only one of its kind published in Indiais absolutely essential for the proper understanding of the articles of the UCP and their impact on documentary credit operations.

ISBN: 9780230636736

Imprint: Macmillan India

(Currently out of print. It’s being revised and updated.)